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First Week of Ada

Full disclosure: I'm writing this post at the end of week 4. Details may be fuzzy.

The first week at Ada was an intimidating, awesome whirlwind. I distinctly remember feeling like we had been working together for weeks by the second day. Aside from meeting our fellow classmates, we were introduced to dozens of community members, each of whom had nuggets of of wisdom and encouragement. It's a little scary to meet so many people who have such high expectations of you. We were reassured over and over that we'll be able to succeed, but the fact that they kept prepping us for being overwhelmed and stressed out put me on edge.

Luckily, the first week was largely review. While the first cohort only had about two weeks' notice before the program started, our cohort had more time to prepare. Bookis emailed us homework shortly after we found out that we got in, which helped ease the transition to class (for any future Adies, the homework was working through Learn Ruby the Hard Way).

Some highlights from the first week include:

It's funny: looking back at what we did the first week, I'm surprised we were doing so much so quickly. It felt like we were moving a little slowly at first, but now it seems like we were running at full speed from day one.