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Week 10 at Ada

This week was very guest-speaker-heavy. Sam Livingston-Gray taught us more about Rspec for two days. We had the rest of the week to work on a small cookbook app, but it didn't feel like we got enough time for it. It felt like a much bigger project than MediaRanker, but we had very little class time to work on it because of all the guest speakers. It was great to learn more about each of the sponsoring companies, but the parade of mentors really wore me out by the end of the week.

Aside from Sam Livingston-Gray and Kerri Miller at the start of the week, we also had representatives from Moz, EnergySavvy, Expedia, and Chef, as well as a field trip to Marchex and a lecture on things to keep in mind when refactoring from Peter, one of our TAs.

This week was also the start of our second cycle with mentors from sponsoring companies. I had Andrea from Expedia for my first rotation, and Carol from Zillow for my second. The idea that we'll eventually be leaving the classroom and interning at one of the sponsoring companies has always been floating around in the background, but this was the first week that it's starting to hit home. Visiting Marchex, especially, made the end of the classroom time seem way too close.

I remember thinking that a year was a little long when I was applying for Ada, but now it feels like not enough time. But I suppose we'll have to start swimming on our own eventually. I feel really lucky to be part of the program.