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Week 11 at Ada

This week started with three days of Javascript with Elisabeth Robson. She did a really great job of breaking down Javascript into digestible chunks, as well as showing how jQuery builds on Javascript. I would have preferred having even more structure, but overall it was a good learning experience. I'm really interested in seeing how Javascript frameworks function now, as well as how other languages operate on a basic level.

Our main project for Javascript was essentially building a Javascript and then a jQuery version of the To Do List app I build for our weekend app project in week 9. It often feels like the pattern in Ada is to let us explore and try to figure it out on our own, with gentle redirection afterwards to help us improve. As usual, it was really great to get the granular explanation of what I made two weeks ago and insight how it could be better.

The wonderful Devon Persing also gave us a crash course in accesibility this week. I was already interested in this topic (before finding web development, I did a fair amount of work in special education, particularly with students on the autism spectrum and the broader low vision community), but Devon's lecture would have been fascinating even without having a personal interest.

An amazing amount of work needs to happen in order to make the web truly accessible. To practice what we learned, we revamped previous projects to be more accessible, primarily for screen readers. It'd be really interesting to design a general interest website that targeted screen readers first. Call it Accessibility First design?

We also learned a little more about testing Rails with Rspec, which was super helpful.