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Week 12 at Ada

This week was API week. I'd been looking forward to getting to play with APIs for quite awhile, so I was really excited for this week. We've been focused on Rails for quite awhile, so the slight change of pace was nice. It also feels like we're more on our way to being real developers now.

Aside from consuming basic APIs, we also learned about OAuth and Ajax. I had heard of both of these before, but this week was the first time anyone explained what they were. Conversations I overheard at my old job suddenly started to make a lot more sense and feel a lot less mysterious magical.

Our main project for this week and week 13 is SeeMore, a social media aggregator. We need to use OAuth to sign in users via Twitter, Vimeo, Github, and Instagram, as well as query various APIs for users to aggregate posts. I'll post more about the project next week.