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Week 13 at Ada

This week was short due to Thanksgiving. Our team had to scramble a bit to get our social media aggregator completed on time, but we did it.

Allie served as our project manager both weeks, since everyone else on the team had already served as a PM on previous projects. She did a really great job herding us and keeping us focused.

This was also the first project we used Pivotal Tracker. There's a bit of a learning curve, but I'm really appreciating the level of organization it gives us.

We did a fair amount of pairing, with Allie and I working most closely with Twitter and Brenda and Bonnie working on Vimeo. I also spent a fairly significant chunk of time diving into testing.

Check out the project on Heroku or checkout our code on GitHub.

Kronda also visited us this week. I'm starting to realize just how social justice-focused Ada is. It'll be interesting to see what being outside of the classroom will be like when it comes to these issues.