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Week 14 at Ada

This week we started a smaller paired project. Bookis said it's our last simple Rails App before we dive into more complicated topics. It's a fairly basic project: an app for a community P-Patch, including a blog, a current weather and forecast feature, and a tool library that members can use to keep track of tools they borrow. We also are using mailers for email notifications.

My partner for this project, Kristen, and I decided to focus on test driven development and pairing. Our progress has been a bit slower than other groups, but this is the first time I've felt like a project has been truly collaborative. We have 99% code coverage and our code feels really strong. I'm also picking up good habits from working with Kristen, including more regular, specific git commits, detailed user stories (it makes a world of difference), and limiting driving times to 40 minutes before switching.

It's beens a great experience so far and our code is shiny and doesn't feel like it could break at any moment. As Kristen said in Retro on Friday, pairing is a skill, not a preference. I've learned a lot this week and have gotten much better at being a communicative driver and a respectful navigator, as well as feeling much more confident with testing.

This week was also very busy for me outside of class. I saw Jesse Jackson speak about Diversity in Technology at UW on Tuesday (a topic that really resonates for our community, and given police brutality going on in the US right now). On Thursday, I went to my boyfriend's company's holiday party. It was really interesting to be around a corporate software development environment, especially after Tuesday. There's a lot of work to be done still in the technology world.

I also met up with Bion, my mentor from Substantial. If I haven't written about it before, we're going through two week rotations with mentors from sponsoring companies. So far I've met with Andrea from Expedia, Carol from Zillow, and now Bion. Each has been really rewarding to talk to and I've learned different things from each. My stack of book recommendations is getting precariously tall!