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Week 16 at Ada

It's finally the last week before winter break. This program is awesome, but it's also probably the most intense, draining thing I've ever done and I'm very ready for a break. Our project this week was a solo project, but it felt like one of the most technically difficult projects we've had so far: create a shipping rates API and implement it on a sample E-Commerce store.

I tried to use TDD the entire time, but fell short here and there. It felt strange and a little lonely to be working alone this week, especially after having such a positive experience pairing with my last partner, Kristen. It's making me realize that I think I'd prefer to work at a company that values and encourages pairing.

I'm finding that TDDing also helps me organize myself better, and that I'm enjoying the structure it forces. I think my code is cleaner and more durable as a result.

The code for the API is on GitHub and Heroku. The sample client app is here on GitHub and Heroku.