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Week 17 at Ada

This week felt like the beginning of the end of Ada. Elise and Bookis introduced our Capstone project and we spent our week doing self-directed learning on a topic of our choice related to that.

We also prepared for our internship interviews, which are happening next week. Last year's cohort had some technical questions they weren't prepared for, so our cohort did two mock technical interviews. One was a collaborative, group interview and the other was a one-on-one interview. Both of the questions from my interview were somewhat challenging, but were questions we could have answered (at least at a basic level) as early as week 3 or 4.

This industry's interviewing culture still feels foreign. Looking in from the outside, it seems like approaching a problem sideways with brute force. I can't help thinking that there's something awry in our priorities if an interview for a junior developer position is 10-20 times longer than an entry-level position in education. It feels backwards that a person starting out in a field with a minimal impact on others' lives has more of a vetting process than someone who works directly with youth.

Anyways, we have interviews all next week, along with starting an Angular.js project. It's going to be intense! I'll be interviewing with:

  • Expedia
  • Zillow
  • Amazon Forecast
  • Apex Learning
  • Substantial
  • Marchex
  • Chef

As for what I did this week, here's my post on working with Django to make a simple map application.