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Week 18 at Ada

This was the week of interviews and Angular. Ellen, from the first cohort, started teaching us Angular, but most of our attention was focused on interviews.

Everyone is supposed to get an internship, but it's hard to not be nervous. I had seven interviews spread over the entire week: Expedia on Monday, Zillow on Tuesday, Amazon Forecasting on Wednesday, Apex Learning on Thursday, and then Substantial, Chef, and Marchex all on Friday. At first I thought having everything so evenly spaced would be a great schedule, but I realized it's hard to focus on anything else when you know you have an interview looming in the afternoon.

As far as the interviews themselves, four of my interviews included a technical question or two (so slightly over half). None were any more difficult than the questions we prepped with last week, which was nice. I was a little disappointed that we didn't have more technical questions. I feel like I focused on that aspect, more than preparing for regular interview questions.

One of the most surprising things about interviewing was realizing that it really is a two way street. I'm used to taking whatever work I can find, so it's kind of a shock to realize that now I have more agency than I did before. So when interviews didn't go well, it was easier to detach myself and think of it as a bad fit, rather than a reflection of my performance. That's a strange feeling to get used to!