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Week 19 at Ada

With internship interviews over, we were finally able to focus more on Angular with Ellen this week. We started the week doing a test day at Moz, seeing if the space would be a good fit for the next cohort. It's a great space, but would definitely a different vibe than the current classroom.

Other than that, we spent the rest of the week working on our Angular blogs. You can checkout my code for that here. We also did Lightning Talks on different Angular-related topics on Friday. I hate, hate, hate speaking in front of any number of people, so that was pretty nerve-racking for me. Part of me wishes we had been doing lightning talks all along, though. It would be nice to be at this same point as we are now, but to have had a bunch more practice speaking in front of crowds.

This week was also spent figuring out our Capstone projects. At the very end of the week, I ended up joining a classmate's project: Walkscore, but for noise. We're planning on consuming a variety of civic data on a variety of noise emitting locations and turning it into a geographic visualization.