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Week 20 at Ada

First week of Capstone! Luckily, Kat and I are working together on our capstone project. It's wonderful having someone to work with on a longer term project. A number of my classmates are approaching their projects as a way to prove they can do an entire project on their own. For me personally, it's more important to prove I can work effectively with another developer for a longer term project. Plus, it'll be much nicer to have someone with me when we're presenting in front of all the sponsoring companies!

The other big announcment of the week was our internship placements. I'll be going to Substantial, my top pick! They've already been super welcoming so far and it feels like they keep introducing me to more people. It feels a little bittersweet, since it means the end of the classroom portion of Ada, but I'm excited for what comes next.

It sounds like we're going to get a mix of guest lectures during Capstone. This week we had Andrew Gorcester on different programming languages, and Jack Danger Canty on nitty-gritty HTTP and general advice on being a developer in the real world. We also learned how to deploy to AWS EC2 with Bookis.

Finally, Jharna sent out an email at the end of this week about the next cohort. It's happening sooner than I expected,but I'm excited to see how Ada grows and improves with the next iteration of students.