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Week 21 at Ada

Capstone week 2! Kat and I pretty much have our minimum viable product at this point. We're both kind of surprised by how quickly that happened. Don't get me wrong, we have a ton more work to do, but we're pretty pleased to have our base level of work complete. Maybe we set our bar too low at first? Or maybe we just work faster together than we realized. Up next: improving our noise algorithm and creating a more accurate visual representation of Seattle's noise patterns, potentially with D3 on top of a Google Map, instead of just default Google Maps API functionality.

Andrew was back this week to talk about Performance, Bookis taught us about DNS, Carrierwave and S3, and Dean dropped by for a quick lecture on other datatypes, specifically doubly linked lists, stacks, and queues.

We're getting to the homestretch at this point. There's going to be an information session for the next cohort next Wednesday and applications open on Monday. The changes I've heard about so far sound exiting and super responsive to the issues that came up in our cohort. I'm excited to get to TA in a couple of months.