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Week 3 at Ada

Full disclosure: I'm writing this post at the end of week 4. Details may be fuzzy.

This week was our first week of pair programming. Speaking with cohort[0], it sounds like developers rarely pair 100% of the time, though. It felt like my partner and I had a fairly productive workflow by the end of the week, but it was definitely hard to have to do everything together. Pairing did force me to be more thoughtful about what (and why) I was doing, and the whole process felt very collaborative at the end.

We basically had only one project this week: FarMarFinder, essentially an exercise in using CSVs as a primitive database, with a healthy dose of testing. While we didn't practice test-driven development all of the time, we did spend a lot of time and energy on writing tests for every method. By the end, the only parts of our project that weren't covered by tests were the error messages for a couple of our search methods. (I've become a super fan of testing. It's really nice to be able to run a test that verifies everything's in working order without having to manually test.)

We also had our first Retro this week, which was interesting. It's touching to see how close everyone has become, so quickly.