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Week 4 at Ada

We started diving into more complex computer science topics this week with Dean. All the references to logarithms and exponents make me really nervous. I haven't touched math beyond everyday arithmetic in over ten years, and even back then I'm not sure I knew what a logarithm was. Most of the content we've covered so far has felt like review or stretching slightly beyond my comfort-level, but the CS topics feel like jumping off the deep end.

We spent more time practicing test-driven development by building a couple of classes to mimic Scrabble. I got excited about getting mine to check against a giant list of accepted Scrabble words.

The big event of the week, though, was getting started with Sinatra. I hacked my way through Sinatra to get my Auto Ada working, but going through it together as a class answered all the issues I kept having when trying on my own (for instance, what on earth a Gemfile was; this particular lecture was super helpful).

After some initial poking around with Sinatra, we started making our own blogs. Our posts are just .erb files in the views directory, but the front end does all the basic things so far. It's interesting watching everyone play around with CSS. It's a lot more immediately gratifying ("wow, so pretty!"), but it also feels infinitely more frustrating ("why isn't working, why won't it tell me what's wrong?").

We're diving more into HTML and CSS next week, but in the meantime, here's my blog's code on GitHub.