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Week 5 at Ada

This week was 50% HTML/CSS and 50% Javascript/jQuery. I'm pretty familiar with both HTML and CSS from my job before Ada started, but it's always helpful to review. I did the bulk of my styling last week, though, so this week got a little tedious for me. I enjoy playing with CSS for a little while, but unless I have a definite design that I'm following, it's not something that will keep me excited and engaged for hours and hours.

With that in mind, I was very, very excited when we started Javascript. We did a short introduction to the language and then spent the rest of our time experimenting with adding jQuery to our blogs. Looking at resources like Codepen.io is mind-boggling: people have figured out how to do crazy things with CSS and jQuery. I don't think I have the patience to poke at either until something wacky happens. jQuery is fun, but what we've done so far feels very superficial.

Highlights from the week:

  • Making my blog look nicer on mobile devices
  • Adding a couple of snazy jQuery effects
  • Adding a Komani Easter Egg (it just flashes a rainbow background, nothing terribly exciting)
  • Showing my blog to the class (talking in front of people terrifies me, especially if they're people I know)

All in all, while it was nice having so much time to refactor and play with everything, but I would have preferred to go deeper into Javascript or do more with Sinatra this week. Luckily, next week we're starting working with Rails!