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Week 6 at Ada

This was the first week of Rails, and we all survived!

It was a hard week for all of us. While some of us cried and most of us were beyond exhausted by the end of the week, this week also felt transformative.

This was the first week that everyone was in new territory. A number of us had experience doing basic programming in another language, or were already familiar with HTML and CSS, but no one had done anything with Rails beyond RailsBridge on our second day.

I was really nervous about this week. It's silly, but I was really concerned about how I would handle the stress of being 100% out of my element. While it's been hard, this week has been a humbling experience, in a good way.

It was also interesting to see us starting to self-select our programming preferences. It was the first time I felt comfortable saying that I'd much rather be playing around with the database and controllers than poking at a div that won't center. Throughout the week, I saw more and more of us drifting towards one end or another. That'll probably change and develop, of course, but it's cool to the process start.

Highlights from the week:

  • Successful pairing on this week's project (FarMarFinder 2.0 -- GitHub and Heroku)
  • Tidying and refactoring our code to be more RESTful
  • Learning about rescue_from
  • Feeling more settled about not wanting to be a CSS grandmaster wizard
  • Staying relatively calm about Rails!
  • Realizing I could now make some of the more basic apps my previous employer made