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Week 9 at Ada

This week was all about review. Bookis asked what we wanted to know more about and structured our class time around those questions.

We worked on replicating an app he made last year, researching and learning independently when we ran into topics we weren't as familiar with. This was also our first project using Bootstrap, or as I like to think of it, "Instapretty". Check out my code, or the app on Heroku.

My favorite part of the week was our weekend homework: we could either build a basic Twitter clone or make a Rails app of our choosing. I ended up making a sortable list app, using jQuery UI. There's a lot of refactoring left to do and odd hiccups here and there, but I'm pretty proud of the final product, considering we only had the weekend.

You can checkout my code on GitHub, or play with the app on Heroku.

I also launched the Rails version of this blog over the weekend. You can revisit the Easter Egg filled, Sinatra version over here.